Best Mama

Kili: “you are the best Mama”

Susanna: “A few years ago when Keagan said this you said that we don’t know it for sure”

Kili: “We didn’t know it then, but we know it now!”


Kili: We are so lucky to have this lovely animal book. And it doesn’t even need batteries!

Kili’s Birthday


Rainbow Ice Cream Cake for our cute 6 year old boy! He is such a lovely creature that just approaches every situation with so much positive energy and his generosity is never-ending. We’re so happy to have this wonderful little bundle of joy in our life!

Little Elves

Kilian slept at a friend’s place. When the parents got up they found the boys in the kitchen preparing fruit salad for breakfast. So cute to have this little elfs in the house.


LaCie Fuel

On our trip, we took a wireless hard drive for the kids with all their favorite series to access with their iPads. It’s called “LaCie fuel”

Susanna: “Let’s search this on the Internet”

Kili: “Is the internet some kind of LaCie fuel?”